Mineral mud from the Dead Sea


Just like the salt from the water of the Dead Sea, is also Dead Sea Mud rich in a wide variety of valuable minerals and trace elements.

With the evaporation of the sea water, the Mud all the minerals from the water. This extremely high mineral content is unique.

The Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea have a salinity of 3-4%, the concentration at the Dead Sea is an incredible 30%.

Schlamm & Meer
Mud & Sea

Mode of action
for the body

The mineral salts in the dead sea have a nourishing and cleansing effect on the skin.

What is the mineral composition of the beauty classic?

- Magnesium: Supports skin regeneration, soothes acne and provides improved moisture retention.
- Calcium: The mineral ensures the stabilization of cell walls, has an anti-allergic effect and supports wound healing of sensitive skin.
- Potassium: Ensures a balanced water balance, has an anti-inflammatory effect and boosts the skin's metabolism.
- Bromine: Regulates the regeneration of facial skin through the formation of the hormone AMP. Dead cells and dandruff are eliminated, it also has a calming and relaxing effect.

Mineral slurry

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