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Aqua Facial facial cleansing

This non-invasive deep/facial cleansing is based on a technique that leads to natural regeneration of the skin.

Water and liquids rich in active ingredients are directed to the skin and simultaneously absorbed by vacuum, so that in addition to the liquid, the impurities are also removed. There is a peeling effect. Dead skin cells are gently removed. As a result, the skin is better supplied with blood and receives an impulse for faster self-regeneration.

In addition to an intensive deep cleansing with the 3-phase Aqua Peeling, additional treatment with ultrasound, radio frequency or ion lifting is possible.

Aqua Facial is currently considered the most popular miracle weapon in the fight against early wrinkles, clogged pores, acne, oily skin and pigmentation disorders. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and we recommend doing this once a month.

Price 69 €

Duration of treatment about 60 min

Included in the price are home care products to support the result.

Thread lifting

With silk threads without pain to the perfect lift.

A cushion of moisturizing silk protein is built up under the skin without any needles.

Through the latest nanosphere technology, the threads release the silk protein to the skin. For this purpose, the fiber of the thread is applied to the epidermis in liquid form. The ingredients are transported encapsulated into the deep layers of the skin and unfold their convincing effect there. 

The main component of the sutures is the fibroin protein sericin. This active ingredient is used in medicine for tissue regeneration and wound suturing.

The lifting can be repeated up to 4 times, with an interval of about 10-14 days. The result is extremely lasting and convincing. The more often the treatment is repeated, the stronger and more long-lasting the results are accordingly.

Areas of application: Face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Price 280 €

Duration of treatment about 120 min

Included in the price are home care products to support the result.


Your skin lacks radiance?
Fine lines and wrinkles making themselves felt?
Or do you have to fight with impurities, enlarged pores and acne?
Then microneedling is the right method for effective skin refinement and reduction of signs of aging such as wrinkles, pigmentation spots or redness. The low-pain application is a real secret weapon in terms of anti-aging and helps the skin to heal itself.

Price 129 €

Duration of treatment about 90 min

Included in the price are home care products to support the result.

BB Glow

BB Glow is a new apparative cosmetic method and brings a natural make-up effect on the skin, waterproof and durable for several months.

Here, a mineral makeup foundation is worked into the skin, where it provides light coverage on the face and the perfect glow effect.

Ideal for those who want a perfect complexion and do not want to look made up. Those who want to cover redness or small cracks in the skin will find a natural-looking solution with this treatment.

It can also be used to treat skin blemishes such as acne or acne scars very well.

Price 159 €

Duration of treatment about 120 min

Included in the price are home care products to support the result.

LED light therapy

Thanks to targeted selection of light colors, light therapy can be applied to various skin problems and psychological stress factors.

The areas of skin affected by irritation are specifically irradiated with the light.

1x 30 min 20 €

12x 30 min 120 €

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