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Nail modeling gel/acrylic

The fingernails can become soft or brittle due to various influences. With the help of a nail modeling the nails can be supported. The nail design is also gladly taken up, if the need for beautiful and well-groomed fingernails exists. As a rule, a nail modeling has a shelf life of three to four weeks.
Beautiful fingernails are a sign of well-groomed hands. In the context of nail modeling, the fingernails are built up and strengthened by acrylic or gel. There are very different design options available. From purely colored nails to French design and ornaments, everything is possible.

New modeling gel / acrylic 63 €

New modeling with acrylic stencil technique 74 €

Refill within 26 days 63 €

Refill within 33 days 65 €

Refill after 33 days 70 €


Wellness for the hands - relaxation for hands, nails and soul. The daily irritations of the skin leave traces. This can be seen especially in hands that are exposed to high stress at work and whose skin is rough, cracked and dry. But especially dry and sensitive skin needs intensive and regular manicure. Even the daily washing of hands deprives the skin of moisture and oil. As a result, hands dry out easily and age faster than other skin surfaces. We offer a comprehensive range of services that starts with a soothing hand bath, a peeling to remove the dead skin cells and then, after the treatment, a special nourishing hand balm and nail oil for the care of the nail bed, cuticles and hands. The care products used are handmade by ourselves and offer your hands the necessary care they deserve.

Manicure BASIC 22 €

Manicure SPA* 33 €

Manicure BASIC with Shellac 39 €

Manicure BASIC with shellac and reinforcement 43 €

Manicure SPA* with Shellac 50 €

Manicure SPA* with shellac and reinforcement 54 €

* Hand bath and hand scrub with pure natural care products from simply drop included.


Foot care is important for foot health. Our feet do hard work every day, carrying the weight of our entire body, and yet they are often neglected. Especially when it comes to foot care, they often receive too little attention. This usually only changes when complaints arise, such as excess calluses, blisters on the heels, corns on the toes or diseases such as foot or nail fungus. Yet daily foot care is so simple. It is very important to regulate the moisture balance of the skin on the feet with the help of appropriate care products, otherwise a deficiency can lead to chronic dryness. Foot baths with herbs have a healing effect, as well as the use of a scrub to promote blood circulation in the feet and remove dead skin cells. For this reason, during our pedicure we offer a foot bath, exfoliation and then massage a soothing foot care balm.

Pedicure SPA* 37 €

Pedicure SPA* with Shellac 53 €

* Foot bath and foot scrub with pure natural care products from simply drop included.

Natural nail reinforcement

Nails have to do a lot and are exposed to challenging environmental influences. To protect your own nails from environmental influences or to prevent brittle or cracked nails, a UV gel can be applied to the nails to strengthen the natural nail. Natural nail reinforcement is always a good idea if torn natural nails are preventing you from doing the simplest everyday things, such as gardening, washing dishes, cleaning or dressing. Tearing a natural nail is annoying and usually not very attractive either, and can be especially unpleasant in everyday life when you want to show off your fingernails.

Natural nail reinforcement 38 €

Natural nail enhancement with color gel 53 €

Special services

Our special services also include kerosene bath. Kerosene bath is a form of therapy to relieve pain by heat application of a wax liquefied by heat. If feet, hands or elbow are aching, kerosene wax application can have a good effect. Kerosene application has proven to be very effective in protecting the skin. Especially in dry skin and bad weather, it provides soft hands.

Kerosene bath 20 €

Shellac (external modeling) remove 15 €

Remove gel/acrylic (third-party modeling) 20 €

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