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We focus on you and your health. That's why our handcrafted natural skincare products are made with only natural & certified ingredients to meet the needs of your skin. Because we know that skin problems can be very stressful, we care about your well-being.

We have made it our mission to show what nature has to offer. In our cosmetics store in 83308 Trostberg and our online store you will find exclusively handmade natural cosmetics, which achieves its healing & effective power from natural ingredients and thus also actively protects the environment.

Discover now our diverse range of plastic-free & sustainable care products from face masks, body scrubs, nail care oil to bath balls - made in Germany.

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In our products we bundle nature and its ingredients to a maximum of skin-friendly, gentle and natural skin care. Our natural products contain only qualitative & certified organic ingredients and come without chemical additives such as parabens or silicones. In addition, our natural cosmetic products are inherently plastic-free. Our natural care forms bring your skin into balance, so that you feel good all around. All our cosmetics are handmade with love, care and passion.

Feel the difference to cheap drugstore products and experience the change of your skin from the power of nature!

Cruelty free
natürliche Inhaltsstoffe
simply drop
handmade care products, made in Germany,
with natural BIO certified raw materials
We are our environment
A life without plastic is almost impossible in this day and age. But everyone has the power to reduce plastic by taking small steps. Consciously paying attention to ingredients and packaging materials is an easy way to avoid plastic and conserve resources. We not only pay attention to sustainably grown ingredients and gentle manufacturing processes, but also to recyclable packaging.
Natural ingredients
We carefully select our ingredients and subject them to extensive testing. We do not rely on promises, but insist on proven and documented facts. We list our ingredients according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 with English, Latin and numeric abbreviations as well as with German terms. This allows you to check our promise at a glance.
Because you are worth it
we promise you that you are our focus. We respond to your needs, so that you will feel comfortable in your skin again. Our products care for your skin, free it from impurities and support its regeneration. Our products achieve this without chemical and synthetic ingredients, but exclusively with the power of nature! You can just let yourself go and don't have to worry about whether your skin is properly cared for. You are worth it to us!
Palmoil free
100% Recyclebar

Monique on 03.02.2022

Facial Toner All in One

I used the toner to cleanse and care for my combination skin. Since it was not mixed with water, it is highly concentrated so that a very small amount is sufficient (thus very productive). I applied it after removing makeup on the face with a reusable cotton pad, massaged and then continued with a moisturizer.
It smells pleasantly natural and cleanses the skin well. Am very satisfied with it.

Our customer reviews

Martina Schriebl on 28.03.2022

Nail care oil Sweet Orange

The nail care oil is especially suitable for brittle, as well as dry nails to strengthen and strengthen them again!
The valuable properties of apricot kernel oil intensively moisturize the nails and nourish cuticles wonderfully soft.
The oil with a delicate orange scent leaves a wonderful shine on the nails and is super-easy to use.
I am totally thrilled with the great effect and can recommend the nail care oil with a clear conscience!

Renate on 22.01.2022

Body Balm Anti-Cellulite

Have used it twice, I am thrilled!
As many of us suffer in the area buttocks with dryness and small red spots now in the season winter it is full good with the balm. I have a butt , it is smooth , soft and no longer itches . Am thrilled

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