Our natural ingredients

Plastic free & sustainable natural care products

Our natural ingredients

Sustainable natural cosmetics plastic free

As the idea for our company is based precisely on these points, transparency is essential for us: clearly defined ingredients without empty greenwashing promises and always labeled according to the EU standard. Our care products contain only high-quality, certified organic raw materials from controlled agricultural cultivation. As everything is lovingly processed by hand, all ingredients used are regularly checked for quality - so every batch is a sample in itself 🙂

We do not use chemical additives such as parabens or silicones, which increases skin compatibility compared to conventional cosmetic products. By design, we work plastic-free, which is also reflected in our glass packaging and makes it reusable. Of course, our products are manufactured without animal testing or genetic engineering. In addition, our skin care products do not contain water. The addition of water in care products is often used as a cheap filler to artificially increase the amount of content.

Feel the difference to cheap drugstore products and experience the change of your skin from the power of nature!

About our products

Nature is the only book that offers great content on all its leaves.  

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