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revitalizes the skin and gives it a fresh appearance

Effectively removes dirt deposits

Anti-aging weapon


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Our Facial Toner All in One made from 100% pure organic rose hydrolate (100% pure organic rose water).

Mature and tired skin

  • revitalizes the skin and gives it a fresh appearance
  • the skin receives moisture and is thus firmer and regenerates faster

Face cleaning

  • works wonderfully as a facial cleanser by effectively removing dirt buildup on your face
  • You no longer need foam, cleaning cloths & Co. and you save the environment and your wallet.

Against wrinkles

  • an anti-aging weapon, because the vitamin C it contains fights signs of skin aging
  • the skin looks youthfully fresh and plumped up with regular use

Against puffy eyes and dark circles

Do you suffer from "puffy eyes" in the morning?

  • with rose water puffy eyes disappear immediately, because the skin is better supplied with blood after application
  • Deposits in the sensitive skin layers under the eyes are better removed

Make-up Fixing Spray

  • fixes the make-up at the end of the make-up routine
  • thereby gives the skin a fresh finish

Dreamlike beautiful hair

Radiant shine in the blink of an eye:

  • as a rinse or leave-in conditioner, rose water makes hair shine beautifully
  • the fragrant water can also be used for dry, itchy scalp and dandruff
  • the blood circulation stimulating effect of rose water relaxes the scalp and provides better moisture regulation

After shaving

Do you get little pimples and red skin after shaving?

  • Rose water against shaving burn because it has a soothing and moisturizing effect

Fresh kick for in between

  • for in between you can use rose water as body spray or body splash
  • Your skin is fresher and looks rosier again
  • the heavenly scent of roses brings you elated through the day

Good mood

  • the warm sweet scent of roses relaxes the nerves and brightens the mood

Impure skin

Oil-free rose water is well suited for the care of sensitive and blemished skin, accelerating the healing of pimples and blackheads without degreasing the skin and clogging the pores. It also counteracts scarring, refines pores and reduces sebum production.
We recommend for the perfect care of blemished skin our Facial Toner "Pure SkinWe have perfected it for the care of blemished skin by adding laurel hydrolate.

Dry and sensitive skin

Due to the moisturizing effect rose hydrolate is very suitable for dry skin.
We recommend for the perfect care of dry and sensitive skin our Facial Toner "Sensitive CareWe have perfected this product for the care of sensitive and dry skin by adding further valuable hydrolates.

Our facial toner "All in One" is a beneficial concentrate for the skin that is active, gentle and very easy to use. Once you have tried it, you will not want to miss it!
Feel the power of nature on your skin and convince yourself of our quality in our handmade natural cosmetic products!

Additional information


10ml, 100ml


Care and cleansing of the face and décolleté: 
Place a cotton pad on the neck of the bottle and soak the cotton pad with the rose water, repeat this process about 3 times at different intervals. Now gently stroke the cotton pad over your face, neck and décolleté.
For puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes: 
Clean your hands thoroughly beforehand. Drip the facial toner onto the fingertips of your index and middle finger and dab it under your eyes. Repeat this process for the second eye. For a simplified application you can use a Atomizer order with. The decongestant effect is even more intense if you store the rose water in the refrigerator. 


Ingredients (INCI):
Rosa Damascena Flower Water
Hydrolate Rose Damascena Bio

Our tip

 In the simply drop products no water is used as a filler, so the facial toner All in One consists of 100% active ingredient! 
You will see, a small amount is enough to sufficiently nourish your skin.
Use the rose water after washing towel-dried hair, for this you can use your hands or a Atomizer (can be purchased in our store) use. With this application your hair gets a heavenly scent and moisturizing care in one.
 As a rinse: Put the required amount of rose water (the amount depends on the length of the hair) in the palm of your hand, spread it on the scalp and hair and gently massage. Then you can rinse the rose water under lukewarm water.
 As a leave-in conditioner and for dry, itchy scalp and dandruff: spray the rose water with a Atomizer (can be purchased in our store) onto your scalp and hair and gently massage it in.
 As a make-up fixing spray: spray onto the face with an atomizer - Done! The required Atomizer you can buy in our store.
 After shaving: put the required amount of rose water (the amount depends on the shaved body area) on your palm, spread it on the affected body area and gently massage it in.
 For the freshness kick: spray the rose water with a Atomizer (can be purchased in our store) on your body.
♥ For a good mood: a few splashes of rose water in the air spreads a sense of well-being and gives you new energy.
♥ A few splashes on your pillow will help you sleep better.
♥ If you feel tired or stressed, enjoy a full bath with rose water. For this, add 10-15ml of rose water to the bath and you will be relaxed and with renewed energy to enjoy the rest of the day.
♥ For tension headaches, a cool compress with rose water can ease the tension. The solution does not have to be reaching for a tablet.

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  1. Monique -

    I used the toner to cleanse and care for my combination skin. Since it was not mixed with water, it is highly concentrated so that a very small amount is sufficient (thus very productive). I applied it after removing makeup on the face with a reusable cotton pad, massaged and then continued with a moisturizer.
    It smells pleasantly natural and cleanses the skin well. Am very satisfied with it.

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