Face mask - mineral mud from the Dead Sea

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cleanses gently and deep into the pores

Provides moisture

gently frees from dead skin cells

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Face Mask "Mineral Mud from the Dead Sea" by Simply Drop is a natural energy and moisture booster!

Treat your skin to a natural energy and moisture booster:

  • Your face will be cleansed pore-deep and gently, the skin freed from pimples and blackheads, acne reduced and pores refined
  • for oily skin, the excess oil is absorbed as if by a sponge
  • the skin is gently freed from dead skin cells
  • Your skin texture becomes more even and radiant
  • Toxins bound and redness minimized
  • Hornifications dissolved and itching relieved
  • our mineral mud mask from the Dead Sea moisturizes your skin and leaves it with a radiant complexion

Take the time to incorporate the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Face Mask into your home spa routine, you will be rewarded with more even and fresh skin.

Feel the power of nature on your skin and let yourself be pampered by our natural cosmetics!

Additional information


20ml, 75ml


Apply 1 to 2 times a week.
1. cleanse your face - To cleanse your face from make-up, sebum and dirt you can use our Make Up Removal Oil use
2. care for your face - to moisturize your face, regulate the pH and remove the last traces of dirt you can use our Facial Toner All in One use
After steps 1 and 2, your facial skin is particularly receptive to the valuable minerals and trace elements.
Apply the face mask mineral mud from the Dead Sea on your face - Spread the mask on your face and décolleté, leaving out the eyes and lips. Leave the mud mask on for 10-15 minutes and then gently wash it off in even, circular motions. Dry your face with dabbing movements.
Apply a skincare product - To moisturize and nourish your face, you can use our finishing skincare product. Face Night Care Oil Sensitive Care apply.


Ingredients (INCI):

Dead Sea Mud


Mineral mud from the Dead Sea

Our tip

 In the simply drop products no water is used as a filler, thus the face mask mineral mud from the Dead Sea consists of 100% mud! 
You will see, a small amount is already enough to sufficiently care for your face and décolleté.
 Your face will be exfoliated while washing off the mineral mud mask. It eliminates the need for a separate face scrub.
 Please do not use the Mineral Mud Mask if you have very sensitive skin, as very sensitive skin may react to the salt content with irritation (strong "burning" of the face).
If it happens, wash off the face mask ahead of time and apply the finishing care.
For very sensitive skin we recommend you our Face mask Sensitive Care.

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  1. Tina -

    I use it once a week and the face feels immediately fresher ?
    Only recommended ?

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  2. bavarian -

    Feels so great ?

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