Hydrolate Roman Chamomile Natural Bio


The Roman chamomile has been with us for many millennia.

As Hydrolate is called a by-product of steam distillation. Steam distillation is a method of obtaining the chamomile essential oil to isolate from the flower heads. That is why the term Chamomile floral water an equivalent use.

In general, steam distillation is the gentlest and most effective method to isolate natural products, as the boiling temperature always remains below 100°C.


Mode of action
for the body

Effect of chamomile flower water:

- soothing
- healing
- anti-inflammatory
- wound healing
- atiallergic
- astringent
- antioxidant
- antimicrobial
- cooling

Due to the positive mode of action, the Roman chamomile hydrolate be used for the care of very sensitive and dry skin.

Aroma effect
on the mind

The sweet, warm scent of the Chamomile hydrolate has a comforting, soothing effect, envelops us and allows the soul to "arrive home".

Chamomile field

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